#Unsquirrel 8: Linguistic Semiotician

I once attending film school – or video and TV production school to be precise. I met many people just like me – searching for a creative breakthrough. I was trying to determine how easy access video production and editing tools (aka Apple products)  could kick start a career change.

Zapher Iqbal was probably trying to do something similar, but he had a way with him that was both intoxicating and bewildering at the same time. All you need to know about him is contained on his business card:

Linguistic Semiotician any one?
Linguistic Semiotician any one?

Linguistic Semiotician

“Media Specialist”


Oh, and:

  • Scriptwriter
  • Actor
  • Director/Producer

Around the same time, I was whispering I Am An Artist, You Are An Artist, We Are All Of Us Artists, so maybe I was similarly unadulterated, but I doubt it.

Why do I unsquirrel this here, now? I don’t know. I searched for Zapher online, hopeful that he had made it to IMDB versus being a director of a transport company in the Midlands.

I wish there were more Zaphers in the world. Here’s to the linguistic semiotician in us all.

←This Much We Know.→

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