#Unsquirrel 6: I Come Back Sounding Strange Even To Myself

Travel remains a journey into whatever we can’t explain, or explain away…I know in my own case that a trip has really been successful if I come back sounding strange even to myself; if, in some sense, I never come back at all, but remain up at night unsettled by what I’ve seen.

–          Pico Iyer, “The Place Across The Mountains” in Sun After Dark.

get unsettled.
get unsettled.

I am not sure of the ratio, but let’s say it is 1000:1. One thousand pieces of data and knowledge wash over me; but one of those pieces changes something.

Maybe not everything – though sometimes it does [EPIPHANY!] – but life shifts, work goes ape-shit quantum yo!, new horizons emerge from the mist.

Now, if you concur with that 1000:1 data-to-change ratio, hot dang! It means you gotta embrace a whole lotta data. It means travel becomes a way of life. It means you look for opportunities to be ‘unsettled by what you’ve seen.’

Of course, you can not do this. You can not travel, not search. I just don’t think that’s a great way to go.

←This Much We Know.→

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