#Unsquirrel 3: Morphing Is The Canadian M.O.

“Canada is a land of multiple borderlines, psychic, social, and geographic. Canadians live at the interface where opposites clash. We have, therefore, no recognizable identity, and are suspicious of those who think they have.”

–          Marshall McLuhan

Morphing is [Canada’s] modus operandi…states the anonymous article. Hear, hear.

Morphing is good for you yo!
Morphing is good for you yo!

In an age of constant change, such a situation – perhaps, once, a weakness – is a +1. Those with an identifiable identity will increasingly scurry to update their status and bemoan the[ir] stupidity of youth.

Newer nations, unencumbered by layer after layer of history – like Canada –  will be ahead of the pack. It is one reason I like it here better than the UK (although London is an anomaly).

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