#Unsquirrel 2: The Fruits Of Idleness

Dang! I should unsquirrel to myself a bit more often. Here I was, on the last day of 2013, writing about flanerie:

How could it be that this word, this idea, this approach to life has passed me by all these years?!… it’s a flâneur’s life for me.

And yet, all along, squirreled away, hidden, I had this nugget from printed publication unknown, from the German Marxist commentator Walter Benjamin (from The Arcades Project):

Basic to flanerie, among other things, is the idea that the fruits of idleness are more precious than the fruits of labour.

It's a flaneur's life for me!
It’s a flaneur’s life for me!

Amidst the existential angst of modern  life, in the tumult of constant change and learning, a pause for thought, an embrace of emptiness, of no agenda, has never been more valuable.

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