When Will Wifi Be A Universal Human Right? 2030?

A week away on holiday in Tofino at the beach with the family, barely a thought about work (nor the blog). Left the laptop at home, even. So, clearly, I can disconnect. I don’t have nervous digits needing to type or swipe. Still, many practical activities can be executed or supported by Dr. Google et al.

  • What’s the name of that restaurant that’s supposed to have great fish tacos?
  • Is there an IGA supermarket in town like Lisa said?
  • How long will it take us to drive to the nature trail?
  • Etc.
Fire created, marshmallow roasted – all without the help of wifi!

You get the point.

So when the cabins where we stayed advertised ‘no TV, no stereo, but yes wifi!’ I had expectations, sadly unfulfilled.

  • Wifi = spotty, patchy, hanging data.
  • Person = frustrated, nervous, annoyed, wailing to the wifi heavens.

Young people have outsourced where they keep information stored from their neural wiring to the internet. Dr. Google is always there to help. Wifi hotspots are not just nice to have. They facilitate the successful execution of our lives. They will surely, soon, be a universal human right.

My guess, UN declaration by 2030 worldwide.

←This Much We Know.→

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