Digital Is The New Social

One of the most popular blog posts here is called “Open Is The New Social.” It talks about how naming conventions are important to your business goals – and that no-one can complain about being ‘open’ vs those who complain that ‘social’ is water cooler nonsense.

On the same refrain, it has been noted on ‘social’ circles how the word DIGITAL is making a comeback – the late-90s are cool again. In my team at work we recently had a conversation that went something like this:

“Digital strategy > social strategy. Sounds better. Sounds good!”

Why are we beating up on SOCIAL again? A few ill-thought-through points:

  1. “Social” (ways of working) is > “Social media” (tools / channels) but gets confused with it.
  2. Accountability for eg cloud, mobile, big data, analytics often gets bundled with “Social (media/tools)” but that scope is better defined with eg “Digital”
  3. We want the new new. Old is forgotten; and cycles shorten, so the old is new again before we know it!
  4. Curmudgeons still think social = chitchat. You can scare curmudgeons with “digital” (new-fangled / the future).


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