“Yes!” Personal Branding: Online Tools

In the last post, I posited that we need to move beyond the traditional resume / CV. Why? Because we need some virality in our (extended) network in order to hook others’ interest.

We need to think (more) visually because the world operates in an increasingly visual orientation; and people are visual thinkers (at least, 80% of us are.)

turn your resume into something people want to look at!
turn your resume into something people want to look at!

Number data is processed via left-brained, analytical methods. Visual ideas, hooks are processed via right-brained, creatives means. If we can marry the language hemispheres of the brain, we can provide compelling data and stories to our audience. We can stand out from the pack, independent of our skills and experience. Result!

I will look at four methodologies:

  • Automated online tools
  • Resume infographics
  • Narrative infographics
  • Planning tools

Automated Online Tools

Let’s start with a couple of the very neat online resume tools: re.vu and visualize.me. They take your standard resume / linkedin profile data and visualize it. Straightforward, automated, packing a visual punch.

making 'me' more stimulating!
making ‘me’ more stimulating!

F.R.E.S.H. Verdict

  • Fun: -ish
  • Revealing: nothing that is not already in the public domain.
  • Entertaining: kinda, especially the first time you see one.
  • Shareable+Social: Yes.
  • Heartfelt: if you are a visual thinker, then there is something meaningful in just looking, not reading.

These tools are just so easy to use – one button – that it is something every person moving forward in their career should have up their sleeve, not least to indicate to the recipient that they are living in the 2010s.

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