Farewell Guru, Hello Awesome.

When someone calls themselves a social media guru / ninja etc. I puke up in my mouth a little. Just sayin’.

you're awesome! No, YOU'RE awesome!
you’re awesome! No, YOU’RE awesome!

So I liked seeing this graphic on the death knell of the guru in job postings. Thank you, and good night, gurus everywhere. But what is this? Instead, the rise of the AWESOME! Oh, dear.

As an Englishman, I used to use terms such as brilliant, wonderful, excellent. Now, living in N. America I use awesome, which, as my trusty source reference Urban Dictionary confirms, is “Something Americans use to describe everything.

Further, Urban Dictionary notes, its use is

a reflection of the lameness of person using the word, the degree of which is directly proportionate to the difference between the user’s perspective of the so-called awesome object / person / situation and that of a reasonably sober, well-informed observer.

(eg) “Bono is awesome.” 


Whilst I find it tough to eliminate the word from my day-to-day vocab, I do try to accentuate things that I REALLY think are awesome by using awesomesauce. That extra soupçon of emphasis makes all the difference, right?  Strangely, this is not one of the 40+ awesome definitions in Urban Dictionary.

Have I stumbled upon something? Awesome!

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