Build Your Personal Brand NOW. Ask For Help Later.

I am tired of resumes / CVs. Such a lame-ass mechanism for enabling me to say “Yes!” to someone. For every applicant I had recently for the opening in my team, I scanned the documents for relevance, then went online to check for social channels – and the real/big reveal… And the biggest reveal? That most (MarComms!) people are still invisible online. Or, close but still no cigar, their channels have been set up for the purpose of securing this very job. No. Do it like this. Set up your channels. Live your life. Share, as you see fit, with … Continue reading Build Your Personal Brand NOW. Ask For Help Later.

Disruption: The End Of Teamwork, Scheduling, And 2 BILLION Jobs. Gulp.

Yesterday I discussed the McKinsey Disruptive Technologies Report and the centrality of #SocBiz to it. Thomas Frey has put down a marker of what that means for us as workers. Namely, the end of 2 b.i.l.l.i.o.n jobs by 2030. Hard to swallow? Wait, there’s more. Disruption also means the end of teamwork, according to Paul Rux: The powerful trend toward freelance workplaces signals the coming demise of teamwork. Get ready to move, re-skill, and coach innovative individuals as leaders Add in the end of regular by-the-hour work too, according to Carrie Ann Zapka: Dynamic pay-per-task networks will replace fixed annual … Continue reading Disruption: The End Of Teamwork, Scheduling, And 2 BILLION Jobs. Gulp.

Hiring Advice For Finding A Job In The Social Business Era

I’m hiring, and I’m learning a lot about the state of the (MarComms) job seeker marketplace in the process. I wrote this to applicants as a (hopefully) helpful poke and prod. Hello. We HEART You. Firstly, thanks for applying for our job in the MarComms team. I appreciate it – the effort and hassle; the putting-yourself-out-there-ness. Now, enough heart. Let’s share some thinking about how we roll at. In no particular order… Some #FoodForThought By now, I hope you have seen the video The Old-But-Not-Quite-Dead-To-Us Brian made for you. If not, it’s here, in all its moustachioed, ironic, hipster glory: … Continue reading Hiring Advice For Finding A Job In The Social Business Era

20 Things 20 (Somethings) Don’t Get – Forbes

I am hiring #TheNewBrian. There are a few recommendations I have for people trying to establish themselves in MarComms. The most fundamental one is: Work Hard(er). When you have few other responsibilities (family, mortgage etc.) then just give it your all, and not just at work, but around work. Perform during office hours, but read, research, hyperlink all the time. It will move you ahead of your cohort and, indeed, your leaders double-quick. This article from Jason Nazar on Forbes – 20 Things 20-Year-Olds Don’t Get – Forbes – is chock-full of relevant advice for that person seeking, expecting, hoping, planning for success. … Continue reading 20 Things 20 (Somethings) Don’t Get – Forbes

Hiring #TheNewBrian The Social Way

I am back in the hiring process, as a member of my team readies himself to spread his wings. Hiring makes me sanguine: the level of randomness of applicant – quality, fit, experience, resume – is extreme, implying a lack of due diligence from job seekers. I smell the scattergun fear of people trying any avenue, every avenue, to work, at anything. Resumes suck. I cannot feel the quality. So, we now ask people to present themselves, and even apply for roles, socially, in the open. If working out loud is healthy preparation for the future of work, then why … Continue reading Hiring #TheNewBrian The Social Way

Resumes: Size Does NOT Matter…Compelling Story DOES.

I have talked before about how I dislike my resume / CV. It is just so difficult to fit a person into a formula. So frustrated was I with the blah blah blah of my 2-page resume I forced it down to one-page, thinking that would help. It did not. Then, in a fit of pique, and in the fervour of a creative outburst, I turned it into a 1-metre infographic. Satisfying (and a version of which trended on SlideShare for a while). Later still, I developed the BrandBoard concept as a mechanism to tell a first-person story that is … Continue reading Resumes: Size Does NOT Matter…Compelling Story DOES.

“Yes!” Personal Branding: Planning Tools

To finish the thought, the discussion here has moved from the transliteration of a standard resume / CV to an automated visual version of the same; on to a deepened, hand-crafted version; then to a visual narrative reworking of your brand story. Now, we plan. As mentioned in the last post, moving beyond the resume as a chronological list of past experiences to make it something that lives and breathes – that is the interesting work at hand. Career Planning A couple of interesting online tools help us out here. Firstly, resum.up – a career roadmapping tool. Transparently, it place your … Continue reading “Yes!” Personal Branding: Planning Tools

“Yes!” Personal Branding: Narrative Infographics

This is where the personal branding rubber hits the road. Telling stories is as old as the hills; bizarrely, in our professional lives we are not used to telling stories about who we are, how we show up. We externalize everything. I mentioned before that our business profile becomes an out-of-body experience. At This Much We Know, visual narrative is our thang. We think holistically, we look for the greatness, your greatness, and we keep it F.R.E.S.H. So let’s consider the next iteration of visual personal branding: Automated online tools Resume infographics Narrative infographics Planning tools Narrative Infographics Infographics are … Continue reading “Yes!” Personal Branding: Narrative Infographics

“Yes!” Personal Branding: Resume Infographics

Personal branding is about trying to help others in our network to understand us – to ‘get to “Yes!”‘ Four useful ways to skin this cat are: Automated online tools Resume infographics Narrative infographics Planning tools Resume Infographics Fast Company had an excellent article on the growth in visual resumes using graphic design templates and, presumably, oversight from graphic designers. Making something look cool, and bespoke, gives the content the ‘feel’ of quality. HR commentators on the Fast Co. article made the point that resume software in large corporations cannot interrogate ‘design work’ – they are parsing words via OCR … Continue reading “Yes!” Personal Branding: Resume Infographics

“Yes!” Personal Branding: Online Tools

In the last post, I posited that we need to move beyond the traditional resume / CV. Why? Because we need some virality in our (extended) network in order to hook others’ interest. We need to think (more) visually because the world operates in an increasingly visual orientation; and people are visual thinkers (at least, 80% of us are.) Number data is processed via left-brained, analytical methods. Visual ideas, hooks are processed via right-brained, creatives means. If we can marry the language hemispheres of the brain, we can provide compelling data and stories to our audience. We can stand out … Continue reading “Yes!” Personal Branding: Online Tools