Hiring #TheNewBrian The Social Way

I am back in the hiring process, as a member of my team readies himself to spread his wings.

risk!Hiring makes me sanguine: the level of randomness of applicant – quality, fit, experience, resume – is extreme, implying a lack of due diligence from job seekers. I smell the scattergun fear of people trying any avenue, every avenue, to work, at anything.

Resumes suck. I cannot feel the quality.

So, we now ask people to present themselves, and even apply for roles, socially, in the open. If working out loud is healthy preparation for the future of work, then why not recruitment too?

I want to push it, put candidates under pressure a little. Resumes will no longer cut it.

This is how the departing member of the team, Brian, is helping us recruit #TheNewBrian. Awesomesauce. Applicants take note!

I have written before about my learning in trying to hire an intern. Applicants should be able to demonstrate not just knowledge of, but practical experience of

leveraging the [social] tools – understanding how to build an audience, how to take advantage of SEO, how to participate in networked conversations, how to create interesting content through many connected but differentiated mechanisms.

The advice holds true for more formal MarComms roles. If you are not living, breathing it, you will not keep up.

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