Dis!Organize Ep. 94: Everyone Needs a Studio 20.

Our creative agency work was almost entirely in-house. The team did it all: strategy, writing, graphics, audio, video, podcasts, editing, all the post-production. We had equipment everywhere, always a handful of cameras and mics and lights to hand.

The office manager asked us to kindly tidy it all away, and at the end of a corridor of sliding bookshelf storage we found a small space that was ours and ours alone – and created Studio 20. A place where we could imagine, craft, and produce our work. (It was on the 20th floor…)

Everyone needs a studio 20:

  • of the body – a location to call your own; or
  • of the mind – a place of escape and release, a place of protection and safety.

Where is that place you can call your own to disorganize? A whiteboard, the spare bedroom, the office cafeteria? Find a place called home. 

This Much We Know.

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