COVID Diaries Week 35: Remembrance.

The Last Post is the most poignant of laments. It always brings a tear to the eye. At 1100 on 11 November each year, the family gathers together at the cenotaph and remembers those who fell in service, and the veterans who got through it.

This year, we watched online, which was peculiar, but they did it really well, kept it simple and quiet. Perhaps it was more impactful for that. We stood on our front steps at 1100 for the 2-minute silence of remembrance.

It is a moment of reflection and thanks, of service and valour; and also peace. Are we currently at war with COVID? I am not sure. It is certainly insidious and corroding. We ache for ‘freedom.’

Personally, COIVD-times have been an internal dialogue more than an external fight. The only yearning is to see family, kept behind quarantine walls. The rest is about the challenge of how to live – fully, presently, kindly.

I hope I will look back on this time and thank it for helping me be a better person. Today, though, I remember others.

This Much We Know.

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