Dis!Organize Ep. 79: Relentless Humanity.

Over the last decade I have been relentlessly learning, growing, changing, and challenging. It is hard work, driven by the need to keep my skills fresh, and deal with an ever-changing technological and stakeholder landscape.

Relentless means never-ending, incessant. It carries with it a heavy weight, it tires. 

But we must keep on going, moving forward, learning, unlearning, relearning. We just must.

To balance this intent, I keep bringing my thinking back to people, about the impacts on colleagues and stakeholders, for good and bad.

Humanity. Because when you see someone whole, you see the pros and cons, the good and bad, the genius and the foibles, and it is all ok. You accept them, humbly, and they you.

Work is human; and it is humane. 

Pandemics and working from home and Zoom calls may be driving organizational change, but it is not the THING

Disorganizers stand directly in front of another, arms wide, hopeful, asking: How can I help?

This Much We Know.

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