Dis!Organize Ep. 71: Insights Disorganize.

When you attend a conference or speaking event, the panelists or keynotes are often introduced as “insightful.” Insight is what we seek. That’s why we attend

They have discovered or uncovered or reimagined something and they are going to share with us.

Interestingly, we attend conferences for insight because we don’t get it at work.

Why? Because most organizations value predictability, certainty and perfection. And insight is disorganizing!

Psychologist Gary Klein writes:

Insight is the opposite of predictable. Insights are disruptive.  They come without warning, take forms that are unexpected, and open up unimagined opportunities. They are disorganizing

Insights disrupt progress reviews because they reshape tasks and even revise goals. They carry risks —unseen pitfalls that can get managers in trouble.

Take care one and all! Do you really want insight and breakthrough? !

If so, disorganizers are here to help.

This Much We Know.

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