Dis!Organize Ep. 54: Have Fun.

Please excuse the white male privilege in my workplace experience, but here goes…

Have fun at work.

If your focus is on the pain and not the gain, the politics and not the breakthroughs, then you can end up self-actualizing a vortex of doom and gloom that will suck the life force from your disorganizer soul.

[Sad face.]

Don’t take your role too seriously. It is unlikely to be a matter of life and death. 

Determine where you can play, where you can generate energy and flow.

Plant a smile on your face. It is contagious, and proven to make people think you are smarter than you are.


If you are having fun, you become more attractive; people want in on your initiatives; they listen to your shtick.

Who said work had to be so serious all the time? Call bullshit on the downers. Have fun.

This Much We Know.

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