COVID Diaries Week 17: Hogging.

More movement and reaction to how #WFH is exciting, challenging and debilitating for various user groups. Last week I shared how Big Bosses want more real estate on the Zoom call. Ugh.

Video conferencing team meetings bring into sharper relief who is hogging the limelight in meetings. This is something I have noticed about myself over the last few years.

I have three meeting styles:

  1. I am full of ideas and opinions and I have the (white, male) confidence to share them with you all!
  2. “I will be conscious to let others speak…” but often I feel no-one is willing to speak up or drive the meeting dynamic, so here goes…I jump right back in.
  3. “I really will slow down, be quiet, and listen without interjection…” and everyone keeps asking me “Are you ok?!” Ha.

With video, the experience of seeing myself on the screen jolts me more that I am taking up too much talking time. It is a stark acknowledgement of my privilege. I find it useful, but is there more we can do?


This is the kind of innovation I want to see more of through pandemic times. Macro sits on top of Zoom and gives more data about how often people speak, who is hogging the airwaves. I would absolutely use this kind of software if #WFH becomes default. It shines a light in a new way on how teams form, storm and norm.

Speaking of which, Gallup found managers and leaders are suffering the most in engagement from the pandemic. Stress from having to reorient the business and the team workflows? Or changes in their power base when there is less direct control over people who are WFH? You decide!

This Much We Know.

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