Dis!Organize Ep. 24: Kith and Kin (Insiders).

Many people will not get you at work – guaranteed. 

They’ll roll their eyes, make some gentle joke at your expense. Maybe you will be politically sidelined.

Two choices:

  • Time for a new job (yep); or
  • scan the company for those fellow travellers who do or might get you.

Who has quirks, ideas, musings that sit outside the organizational norm? Who is an outcast? Not the deadwood stuck in the past but the weirdo clearly living in the future?

  • Say hi.
  • Go for coffee.
  • Comment and like their contributions on the social network.
  • Ask for their advice or input.

Strength in numbers, emotional support, fellow travellers. 

We cannot disorganize alone.

This Much We Know.

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