The power of three – #COVID19 edition

Last week I wrote about the need to move through the gears, using a manual transmission – we need to be more in (micro) control, more discerning than usual, in COVID times.

I have been scouring the interwebs for new learning, influenced by the pandemic. One graph that drew my eye, from McKinsey: how to switch up communications through the different life cycles of the pandemic crisis.

I liked its simplicity, using the power of three and a simple 3×3 matrix. Colleagues are supported first to resolve, keeping it simple, supplying calm and direction; then resilience, a clear action plan; finally, reimagination, what can come next.

These solutions enable them to gather instructions, adjust their situation, and internalize the change to a new normal.

It spoke to me for two reasons: as mentioned above, showing the need for 3 approaches. Anything more is too complex and discombobulating; also, because it maps to my own workplace promise.

1. My foundation for work is encouragement. I approach opportunities with optimism; and stimulate and support colleagues to grow, to stretch and be ready.

2. Today’s commitment is to act. Work with velocity, speed with direction. Connect everything: map the big picture requirements to the culture, tactics and outputs.

3. Tomorrow’s plan is to reimagine. Ready talent by sponsoring creative tension in the organization. Implement and iterate edge ideas to drive emergent brand outcomes.

Switching gears, flexible in approach – this is the way to not only survive the apocalypse, but thrive from its entrails and lead the next version of our better selves and organizations.

This Much We Know.

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