Cannabis Diaries Week 29: X Marks the Spot (420)

Every April 20 (4-20), the cannabis community comes together to celebrate their love of the plant.

The etymology of the phrase is a code word used by students in 1971 with reference to 4.20 p.m., the time they regularly met to try to locate an abandoned cannabis crop, based on a treasure map made by the grower.  

The modern-day cannabis industry is also trying to chart a path to treasure – namely rescue from the capital starvation on its desert island.


Step forward Lovappy, “an entertaining, hands-free(?) dating app that enables users a very different experience” that released today.

Its target audience?

Firstly, ballers. These are “users that send gifts. A baller is someone that confidently spends money.” OK.  

However, luckily for us, “Ballers are not the only target market. Another intended audience is the under-served cannabis community. Lovappy claims that today’s world is made up of four types of people: people that use cannabis, that used cannabis in the past, that are thinking about using cannabis, and that will never use cannabis.

So, everyone…? These guys should run a cannabis company!

I just caught a whiff in the air. Is it love? Semsemilla? No, toast. I am having a stroke. #EndOfDays

This Much We Know.

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