Why Can’t I Do What I Want To Do At Work?

After last week’s talk by Welby Altidor, I have been thinking about a duty of care at work.

He envisions a lifestyle / workplace of creative courage, and I said, “sign me up.

As a team leader, I want that for my team too. The team has collectively worked hard over the years to create a space for each of us to map our own interests, passions and areas of development to the needs and projects of the organization.


More or less. We fail forward fairly often, but rarely make the same mistake twice.

How so?

Firstly, the team is curious, they are seekers.

Then, they are creative and talented. That always helps.

Lastly, though never really lastly, they are what might be termed Millennial (minded). They want and expect growth opportunities and to unlock their talents and pursue their dreams and desires.

We are all set up for success.

Yet, I wonder…

I have developed a particular interest in work back thinking. I scan the horizon for solutions to problems not yet manifested; I believe something to be cool, trusting that it will work, then determine who might co-sponsor the opportunity.

Uncover a desire, unlock a learning, scan for an opportunity, align your ducks…only then, work out what it might mean, how to impart its power. It might be “unstrategic” but it can become really comfortable, like a well-fitting suit, if you have the confidence to follow-through and the capacity to deliver.

In Altidor’s framework for creative courage, therefore, I am keen and excitable as a puppy about the outer rings in the process: growth; breakthrough; dreams; danger!


This is where the work is done and the reflected glory achieved. It is F.R.E.S.H. But what about the trust and the safety and the care?


How do we cultivate that in the team? It seems like an assumption. I am not sure how these are exhibited, introduced, believed and lived. By not rushing to blame? By sponsoring fail forward? By a willingness to take the blame? With some transparency to admit fallibility? By dealing with, and protecting others from, the office politics? By sensing what workplace family means?

Dang, I hope so. Our engagement scores would suggest we have it. If we are good at the outer rings of the process, can we be without the foundation of the inner rings? It seems unlikely.

Still, a good reflection opportunity. I seek to do the work I want to do at work. I want that for the team too. Why not, eh? Why settle for a facsimile of what can be done, today, by us, doing our best work? I have creative courage for that. I think that means I care.


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