A Short, Haphazard Investigation Into #DigitalTransformation

I have been hunkered down inside all things #DigitalTransformation the last few months; trying to understand how we might kickstart a focus on this hot topic.

A colleague and I presented to the Exec team in May around various technologies, and the balancing requirement to “transform” not just “digitise”.

We covered off the “Big 8” – AI, VR, AR, robotics, 3D printing, drones, IoT, and blockchain. Of course, it was the last of these that created the most friction and confusion.

Two weeks later, and suddenly blockchain was centre stage – we are all about possibilities!

In the last 2 months I have met various local industry people, coders, consultants. All of them have been surprising humane and humble about the challenge:

  • coders who are libertarian and mined 200 bitcoin and have “retired”
  • coders who are frustrated with the slow pace of cyrpto/blockchain change; and want to rally the people to action
  • (also, all sorts of random ordinary people (like me) who are trying to fathom how to get involved in bitcoin/blockchain)
  • development houses who have to spend too much of their time educating clients about the blockchain potential; who struggle to find competent coders; and who are frustrated with the slow pace of embrace in Canada, surprisingly
  • corporate leaders who have gone for it big time, and are consequently milking the plaudits for all they are worth from envious industry people like me; but who deserve them, because they all admit, “this shit is hard yo!”
  • “Big 5” consultants who all take a slightly different focus to #DigitalTransforamtion…
    • one have sensitive blockchain experts
    • another are supply chain focused and very smart
    • another are really design thinking focused
  • AR/VR developers who have pivoted because they find corporate people do not follow through on the commitment required to invest ongoing in developing work support VR. Everyone wants a one time win vs, the constant upgrade cycle as new work practices get developed.

Through every conversation, the red thread kept coming back to 2 simple points:

What does the customer need / want?
What is the problem you are trying to fix?

Yep. Good questions. #MyEyesHurt

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