10-Year Work Anniversary: #WOLweek

This week is my 10th anniversary at Teekay.
I never thought I would stay more than than 3 years.

I have had 3 x 3-yr cycles of learning-applying-passing forward.
Just when things get easy / dull / dangerous, there has been a change that reinspires.

Ultimately, it is not the product or the company that matters – it is the intention.
The people here are smart, dynamic, globally minded.
And they need my help – and they enable me to do mine well. Symbiosis.

I have developed skills in many side projects – culture, OD/OE, digital transformation.
I feel ready for “the future of work.”

In this decade I have needed a lot of assistance, coaching, support.
Firstly, I have rich, emergent, energised colleagues. I hire well.

And I have understood – for the first time in my life – that I need networks.
The good people of CAWW have been my “first team.”

I cannot imagine being here for another 10 years, but you never know.
I know I have much more to give, and to get in return.


Above is a photo of many of the passport type photos I have taken over the years.
I keep them to acknowledge the aging process, the chapters of life.
I sometimes see the person in the old photos and imagine who he once was.

The title photo set showcases who I am today.
Conundrum and uncertainty and courage and power.
The hope and the challenge is to keep those spaces open in my next chapter.


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