The World’s Best Team Photo Was A Result of Our Social (Hive)Mindset

Let’s Talk About “Team”

Nothing happens in isolation. It is within the team that the magic happens. How so? Well, here are a few things that showcase our approach…

Firstly, sartorial excellence never gets in the way!


The team performance and process is always emergent:


Not everything can be, should be, planned. We rely on our intuition for cooperative outcomes:

Sometimes, not always, and never enough, we nail it. #Always More

Consequently, we have this kind of collective hivemind muscle. At the Christmas party, almost wordlessly, we are able to formulate a photo like this. One take, 10 seconds of prep.

As Denisa says, #BestPhotoEvah.

My own reaction: A game of intrigue & suspense, guns loaded, buttocks clenched, plans hatched, hearts broken, dreams wrecked, remade, rewrecked, torn asunder. Y’know, just another day in the digital workplace.

←This Much We Know.→



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