I Make Promises That Are Ambiguous, And I Think It Makes Me A Better Worker.

I was reading Julian Stodd today, and his take on the power of narratives that are personal, co-created and organizational. This interplay of micro-to-macro impacts is intriguing to me. It highlights the complexity of the promises and outcomes of work.

How are we, in our professional roles, able to deliver results consistently when there is so much outside our own control?

In yesterday’s post I posited that I frustrate colleagues because

“every project always has to be so grey zone in its undertaking and outcome.”

Business life is generally built on the cleanliness of black and white, done / not done. That’s what they pay you for. When I introduce – maybe even sponsor – ambiguity of outcome, how can I justify my role, my position near the seat of power?

Am I court jester, for entertainment value only? How can I be seen as a leader when I am haphazard in which direction to lead?

Stodd’s idea of being about to map these three elements– personal, co-created and organizational – together seems prescient to my conundrum.

Working out loud is part of the narrative approach to stitching them together. It humbly and openly invites others to participate. It says “let’s start somewhere and see how we go” and allows ongoing judgment and discourse on outcomes.

There is no hiding from the learning – and I always assume with learning comes improvement and value.

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