On Discipline

Seth Godin’s “every day” principle influenced me in my writing – “you do not need to nap,” he says! That’s a stab to my kidneys, as rarely does a day pass without that luxurious thought flopping around my head.

Innate laziness drives me. As soon as I give myself a reason not to, weeks can go by…blogging is a muscle that atrophies fast. I made a commitment to 20 posts a month which I keep to pretty well. I blogged 260+ times last year. #discipline

Change itself subverts the process. Travelling, holidays etc. – these break the rhythm that I have in my day to day life. My mum visited for 2 weeks and with a work trip to Australia, no writing for 3 weeks! Luckily, the next week was Working Out LOUD week #WOLweek, so it forced me back into the system…

I look to industry leaders for how to keep going. People like Simon Terry and especially Harold Jarche are leaders in re-imagining similar threads multiple different ways, constantly iterating through their thoughts to refine and deepen them.

As the year-end approaches, I will be re-reading my archive and re-imagining it. That is WOL to myself!

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