I Haven’t Been Working Out Loud (Enough) With The Right People #WOLweek

Working Out Loud is harder inside the organization – working with people who, generally, are given to you – than outside – where you get to choose your cohort, more or less. Want to chat about photography and don’t work for a photography company? Likelihood is your clan is elsewhere than the desks nearby.

But I am paid to have impact on and with my colleagues! So…One of the byproducts of #WOLweek was that I realized I had been overlooking my closest cohort – the direct team in which I do 80% of my work. D’oh!

In my mid-WOLweek reflection I reasoned:

Some of my team would appreciate being kept in the loop more on my projects (in a team that definitely shares more verbally and ESNly than any other team in the organization, for sure). Maybe a daily #WOLyo! post might trigger the questions and conversations that are currently missed. #ToDoList

I thought we were doing a lot already, but maybe it was all too abstract, a veneer. So I have started #WOLyo-ing every day on the team yammer site to summarise the topics and projects most front of mind. It takes time, but I think it adds some value…

Of course, #WOLyo is not just sharing, it is also creating new work, bringing the network with you on a journey. I was reminded good and proper last week that I can do more!

All good, deep learning comes from several sources and directions. I received direct team feedback that I am not sharing enough of my project load – that I am working alone too much. Ah, snap. Concurrently, I read this Kotter quote:



I need to work out loud by better cooperating with my team and coopting their inputs and experience. I have an idea for a #WorkHack next year. In the interim, more “What else?” and “Whaddya think?” for me. #NoteToSelf.

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