Blogging Here Is An Incubation Process

I led a personal branding workshop on Friday evening, and we talked about how important it is in life to let people know how you can best help them.

Branding is a synthesis process, distilling all your greatness down to a few things that others can ‘get’, so that even greater things can happen from knowing you (and how to take advantage of your greatness).

So, what is that thing that you do?  It’s tough to decide, to codify, to hook others with. I mentioned how, when recruiters call now, I tell them – look at the TMWK blog, and if you like what you see, you’ll know if I am fit for a role. The blog is a radical transparency  offering to my thoughts, beliefs and processes.

Who, then, am I? Well, the blog has enabled me to see what themes and insights I hold. As these themes and insights emerge and get iterated upon, so emerges my service offering.

The blog is an incubation process – throw a bunch of vaguely connected ideas and interests together, mix continuously and variously, and see what emerges.

The more I mix, the longer I keep parsing the ideas, the more likely I will have a breakthrough, as the Fast Co. article summarises well:

a creative stage when a person is “not consciously thinking about the problem.”

Every once in a while I review the whole TMWK canon to try to work out – what am I thinking / saying?! Blogging is a great incubation accelerator.

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