We Want In Our Public Lives What We (Already) Have In Our Private Lives

I often point at my iPhone at work and say “Why can’t things work here (location) like they do for me here (device)?”

I was on a video call last week with the Adjuvi team – Dion Hinchcliffe and Larry Everson – Dion made such a simple, powerful point…

everything I need...
everything I need…

It brings to mind an article I have been heavily influenced by, called Brands as Patterns by Method. It uses the iPhone interface as a mechanism to discuss how to organize artifacts and themes.

So, we have EVERYTHING at our fingertips, everything. Yet, when we go to work, oh, well, never mind.

Why are enterprises so many years behind me, you, us?

Might it have something about the fact that business leaders know things need to change, but are rarely willing to make the change themselves – more on that tomorrow…

←This Much We Know.→

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