Redundancy And Repetition Are Good For You: Revisited

Reading a recent Harold Jarche post – Ten Years, Ten Thoughts – thought 7 reminded me of a few posts I wrote last year that are worth revisiting, not least because redundancy and repetition are good for you!

Jarche reminds us that:

An informal professional learning network, with its redundant connections, repetition of information and indirect communications, is a much more resilient system than any designed professional development program can be.

I made a few tangential points in this direction.

In How we learn, channeling an older version of the Jarche post:

[Repetition and redundancy] sounds luxurious, but it is not. Digital, networked conversations are cheap and cheerful, quick and dirty, rich and rewarding. We need more of them!

In Selling Social Business Is Hard to dissenters,

not only must they commit to (re)learn and (re)engage. They must do so by embracing the very time-wasting they are reactionary toward.

Because social learning requires redundancy and repetition. This is how tacit knowledge becomes explicit, by working and reworking the data and ideas and information and understanding, in a network with multiple nodes configuring and reconfiguring, until new methodologies, opinions and positions emerge.

In Blogging is good for you, after Jarche,

The first step for an individual to participate is to create an input. Write. Share. Converse. Opine. (Dis)Agree. Add. Propose. Link. Collate. Curate. Spew. Apologise. Give. Iterate.

In Visualize!

And, in #AntiFragile:

Waste is profligate, inefficient. Redundancy and repetition, however, build resilience and protect against failure. Excellent.

Here is to more redundancy and repetition! H/T Harold Jarche.

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