5 Thinkers To Follow

Here are five great sages to read, follow, engage with around forces at play in our workplaces and society. They have driven so much of my rich learning over the last few years.

Harold Jarche

The clearest, most direct writer on modern day learning, taking control of our professional lives, emergent network thinking. I am lucky enough to share networks with Harold in the last year, but for several years beforehand I absorbed as much as I could from a distance. Definitely a thought leader in the practitioner world.

John Hagel

Deep thinking, long-term understanding of where society (especially work) is heading. Almost a philosopher, but his writing is very easy on the eye. A Renaissance thinker.

David Armano

A visual thinker par excellence, he has morphed into a social business strategist (@ Edelman). Fun, interactive, stimulating, a light touch.

Seth Godin

The world’s best marketer. ‘Nuff said. He understands the human condition – vulnerable, seeking, with unending potential but in desperate need of prompting and poking. Erudite, succinct, full of life and humanity.

JP Rangaswarmi

This is a new one for me: Deep and wide knowledge on information and technology, able to deliver simple ideas and solutions to very complex discussion. Clearly polymathic; disgustingly bright but with a very light touch.

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