Smart Machines Will Eat Your Brains!

This idea, espoused by Ross Dawson, was one of the kickstarts of my investigations in ‘the future of work.’

It was and is a selfish investigation – how can I stay relevant in the end of times? So I am always looking for triggers; data that deepens my perspective. Here’s the latest, from Gartner via CMS Wire. Enjoy it, before the machines eat you for breakfast:

Smart Machines

By 2020, we’ll see contextually aware, intelligent personal assistants, smart advisors (such as IBM Watson), advanced global industrial systems and public availability of early examples of autonomous vehicles.

“The smart machine era will be the most disruptive in the history of IT,” Gartner says. “New systems that begin to fulfill some of the earliest visions for what information technologies might accomplish — doing what we thought only people could do and machines could not — are now finally emerging.”

Please, spare us hysteria. But let’s talk more openly about it and work out some action plans.

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