#WorkHacks – Be Kid Curious

Zoe learns about wing span. This much she knows!
How much do I want to know? THIS MUCH!

Twenty percent of people may have the gene variant DRD4-7R that is associated with curiosity  (and ADHD), but 100% of people were once curious as children. Curiosity is the child’s genius – in their intrigue with understanding the world around them, they make new synapsual connections unique in the world.

As we age, most of us lose the ability to remain curious. Instead, we learn patterns and repeat them, unquestioningly. Last week I shared Peter Matthiessen‘s bewitching hope that we can all become seekers.

So, how do we ‘become seekers’?

If the central premise of ‘THE FUTURE OF WORK!’ is the need to take proactive, agile steps in an ongoing  embrace of change – and it is – then curiosity is your best friend on that journey.

Psychology coach Diane Dreher confirms that:

“[Curiosity] is positively correlated with creativity, intelligence, problem-solving ability, autonomy, a sense of personal control, and a willingness to challenge the status quo. It is also associated with positive affect, subjective well-being, better long-term health, longevity, and positive interpersonal relationships.”

If you cannot crack the curiosity code yourself, watch how the kids in your life approach learning, and model them – unabashedly.

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