Redundancy And Repetition Are Good For You: Take 3 –Blogging Is Good For You Too

Jarche explains the simple power of redundancy and repetition.

As we learn in digital networks, stock (content) loses significance, while flow (conversation) becomes more important – the challenge becomes how to continuously weave the many bits of information and knowledge that pass by us each day.

What we need is “A professional learning network, with its redundant connections, repetition of information and indirect communications…”

The first step for an individual to participate is to create an input. Write. Share. Converse. Opine. (Dis)Agree. Add. Propose. Link. Collate. Curate. Spew. Apologise. Give. Iterate.

Do it in the open – create the output. This invites others to understand you, help you, guide you, push you.

Through this process you will develop your messages and beliefs, work out what sells / persuades and what does not, you will learn your craft. This is what the TMWK blog does for me.

I realized, after 100 posts, how often I sought to repeat a message before stopping myself and thinking “Hold on, haven’t I already said this before?” The answer is always ‘Yes.’

This is the gift of repetition and redundancy. It is not waste – it refines. Soon, you will have a manifesto, a service promise – Be F.R.E.S.H. – a set of topics in which you can claim to be an expert.

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