This Is What Community Looks Like In 2013. #Irashimase!

Although I was (fairly vaguely) brought up a Christian, the first time I ever remember understanding religion was at the age of 17, talking to an old geezer about the word “Church.”

To my clear lack of deep interest in the Church, he explained to me that the word derived from community. The physical church building was a place of community. Now, that I can understand. church as community, bringing people together in commonality.

The city has been my church as an adult. I instinctively understand people communing in a shared endeavour. Pride in one’s togetherness, safety in likemindedness, plus an invitation to others to participate. Community is not exclusionary.

I wrote about how Powell St and Public Dreams so this so well a couple of weeks ago.

Today is Vancouver Pride, 500,000 people communing, celebrating, acknowledging. Today is also my favourite Vancouver festival, Powell Street, celebrating 100+ years of Japanese culture in Vancouver.

Kimono and yukata, booths sharing the community history, others sharing their plans to build retirement housing for the community, cultural acts, and invitations to participate in arts, craft, sumo, sport, and food, of course. Theirs is an invitation in.


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