Charisma Is Over-Rated

From Humanize: how people-centric organizations succeed in a social world

“We listed 12 leadership traits, all of which we think are valuable. But we intentionally pulled the traits from two different schools of thought. Six of the traits are ones that are more consistent with traditional leadership thinking in the command-and-control model:

providing clear direction, brilliant strategist, leverages best practices, charismatic, holds people accountable, and commands loyalty from employees.

The other six were more reflective of the principles that we have identified in Humanize:

embraces change, values experimentation and failure, open to diverse perspectives, transparent and shares information freely, comfortable with conflict and participates in social media in his/her own voice.

We asked participants to choose their top four out of the twelve…”


The best leader says: “This is where we are going.” Then, they look for help in getting there.

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