“Learning” Is The New “Efficiency”

Excellent input, as usual from John Hagel, in conversation with the “Socialogist” Stowe Boyd. What is the need of the modern organization? Recently, the push for efficiency at scale has driven organizations and markets (and their value). Now, however, perhaps because of the overall success of this drive, efficiency is, incrementally, increasingly difficult. We need a new organizational motivator. How about learning at scale instead? My own definition of a learning organization (after Peter Senge) is: We learn to learn together, in order to obtain the results we want together. Making organizations about learning (and therefore about people) rather than … Continue reading “Learning” Is The New “Efficiency”

“Giving” Is The New “Taking”

Continuing the recent “X” Is The New “Y” theme, I liked this very rich write up from McKinsey on the culture of organizations and how cooperative behaviour (or lack thereof) impacts results. It documents some excellent data and research. Organizations that give more than they take are the highest performing. In giver cultures, employees are: helping others, sharing knowledge, offering mentoring, and making connections without expecting anything in return. Meanwhile, in taker cultures, the norm is to get as much as possible from others while contributing less in return. Employees help only when they expect the personal benefits to exceed the … Continue reading “Giving” Is The New “Taking”

“Adapt” Is The New “Adopt.”

One final A –> B vernacular twist, again via Luis Suarez… Whenever we drive “social” adoption, we are trying to get others to learn something new. Learning, for adults, is complex. Many adults really don’t like learning new things. It is asking a lot. However, when we ask people to adapt, it is different. Still not easy per se, adaptation implies people have the wherewithal to get ‘er done. It is effort that is required, not learning from scratch. I like that. Ain’t Anti-Social Asking others to adopt social implies they might be anti-social. But we can all adapt social, … Continue reading “Adapt” Is The New “Adopt.”

“Open” Is The New “Social.”

As we drive change in our organizations and embrace the future of work – one that is hyperconnected, iterative, conversational, Cluetrained – we butt heads with those who think differently. Where we desire hyperconnection, they prefer walled gardens. Where we embrace iteration, they follow linearity. Where we converse, they broadcast. Where we jump on the back of the Cluetrain as it rumbles through town, they line up at the airport for the F W Taylor Scientific Management jumbo jet. Among many points of contention with the others, “Social” is often where we come to blows. For while social implies to … Continue reading “Open” Is The New “Social.”

“Social Business” Is The New “Social Media”

Media may be the new Brand, but it doesn’t mean everyone gets it. Maybe times have changed, but here is a 6-7 word sentence that has failed more often than it has succeeded: “I need budget / resources for social media.” For some corporate executives it is hard to imagine two more frivolous words / concepts. Social + media = fail. One way to build muscle and confidence, and circumvent denigration of the MarComms work at hand, in conversation with executives is to reframe it more centrally to the business mandate. One small, meaningful move is to stop talking about social media … Continue reading “Social Business” Is The New “Social Media”

“Media” Is The New “Brand”

Just as Share is the new Save, Media is the new Brand. We have knowledge oozing from every organizational orifice. Switching from save to share creates myriad new opportunities for innovation, project breakthroughs, leverage. Internally, we are more interconnected, friendly, collaborative. Externally? Well, when we share our genius, we are reframing our corporate brand – away from our product toward our special sauce, our very fabric. Our brand moves from monolithic logo and product uniformity / ubiquity to our intertwined narratives, personal stories, our humanity. Social brands are the ones that are making waves, the ones that go viral. David … Continue reading “Media” Is The New “Brand”