Today’s Number Is The Number 4: Watching Kids Learn

Barf alert to all non-parents, but watching my kids move out into the world and learn is the most magical of things, even cooler than the internet of things! After school, Lola was showing me two ways to write the number ‘4’; her new way, like the keyboard 4, “almost an ‘A’ but not quite! Stop short, move across before you get to the bottom.” To top it all off, she made it a gift for me, complete with check mark as official seal of approval. Genius. ←This Much We Know.→ Continue reading Today’s Number Is The Number 4: Watching Kids Learn

Curious Kids: The Quiet Moments

My iPhone photo app collates images by date, and calls them Moments. A few days ago I captured Lola in a quiet moment of her own, sitting outside wrapped in a blanket eating a snack, immersed in an imaginary (?) world. “What are you up to, darling?” I enquired. “Nothing.” I left her in peace. ←This Much We Know.→ Continue reading Curious Kids: The Quiet Moments

Where Do Kids Learn?

Yesterday, I wrote about where expert practitioners learn: from many sources, iteratively. Often, I parse an idea through my kids – the child’s clear eye of genius unlocks an essence long lost by me. So I asked Lola “Where do you learn?” and she immediately pointed to her brain. Of course! Then, she mimed (and why not?!) school, home, outside; then morning, afternoon, and night. And then, she wrote it all down, to ensure I understood. It was a full-body learning experience. Not only did I learn where she learns, but how. Marvellous. ←This Much We Know.→ Continue reading Where Do Kids Learn?

Curious Kids: What Does The Future Hold?

Sitting at the dinner table, browser open, Change Agents Worldwide social network status update asking me “What are you working on?” My 5-year old daughter Lola asked me me “What’s that?” and I explained that the group think about the future of work. Then I asked her: “What comes to mind when you think about the future?” She typed: “trees snow  flowers dirt animals people nature” and clicked SHARE. Often, I am trying to imagine the future anew; and to synthesize an approach to get there, for me and for others. But, sometimes the future can be the most literal … Continue reading Curious Kids: What Does The Future Hold?

#WorkHacks – Be Kid Curious

Twenty percent of people may have the gene variant DRD4-7R that is associated with curiosity  (and ADHD), but 100% of people were once curious as children. Curiosity is the child’s genius – in their intrigue with understanding the world around them, they make new synapsual connections unique in the world. As we age, most of us lose the ability to remain curious. Instead, we learn patterns and repeat them, unquestioningly. Last week I shared Peter Matthiessen‘s bewitching hope that we can all become seekers. So, how do we ‘become seekers’? If the central premise of ‘THE FUTURE OF WORK!’ is the need … Continue reading #WorkHacks – Be Kid Curious

How Many Kids Have The Curiosity Gene?

Gene DRD4 helps control dopamine, a chemical brain messenger important in learning and reward. Variant DRD4-7R is linked to: curiosity; taking risks; embracing movement, change, and adventure; ADHD. 20% of people have this gene variant. Yet, when we think about kids – and ourselves at a much younger age – we come to a different conclusion. I asked a cheeky poll question at work this week: What % of children are curious? Here are the results: It is good to see I have some kid curious colleagues. What would you answer? ←This Much We Know.→ Continue reading How Many Kids Have The Curiosity Gene?

Curious Kids: How To Get Papa Interested In Dog Poop

Lola won some playdough at school yesterday. Her first project: a dog taking a poop. Very refined. First she wanted a photo of it and I obliged, grudgingly. There is a bit too much poop conversation in my house, frankly. Then: “One of those 6-second video Papa!” A Vine video, eh? Suddenly, I’m intrigued! A Vine video needs action, not a 6-second photo, so we caught the dog in action. A satisfying result all round. Lola’s play dough dog does a poo — Jonathan Anthony (@ThisMuchWeKnow) September 10, 2013 Vine – and Instagram video – really is an exciting … Continue reading Curious Kids: How To Get Papa Interested In Dog Poop

Eat What You Study

I am no great of formal education. If I lived my life again, I would spend more energy tinkering on my own, rather than spending all those years expecting others to force-feed me stuff. It all starts out fine – check out the smiles on day one of school this week! – but enthusiasm quietens quickly. Education, as is, simply provides employers some sense of general intelligence and focused interest in a candidate. The usability of what was learned is left at the door. Adults learn by doing. Practice, practice, practice. Work harder. So, I liked this take on education your … Continue reading Eat What You Study

Oh Dear. Anagram of Kindergarten = Entering Dark

My eldest daughter Lola started school this week. This is how she felt about it. You might also sense the excitement of my 2-year old Zoe, by wearing her back pack, of wanting to go to school NOW. Maternelle — Jonathan Anthony (@ThisMuchWeKnow) September 4, 2013 I am a firm believer that the curious will inherit the world; but also that school seems to prepare people for the end of the 19th century. So, here is my question: how long will it take for school to suck the life force out of her? An anagram of kindergarten is entering … Continue reading Oh Dear. Anagram of Kindergarten = Entering Dark

This Is What Entrepreneurship Looks Like in 2013

Coming and going to the Festival of Light event in Vancouver this week, Lori and I chanced upon The Entrepreneur (2013 Edition). When I grow up, I want to be like him. A simple premise: the teenage lemonade stand on the side of the road en route to the beach as thousands of people stream past. The kicker? Chips. Upsell to a larger size (with lid!) And, amazingly, Visa and Mastercard processing via Square, notebook and wifi. He was putting in the hours, advertising umbrella with LED lighting. He had the serenity of a man in control of his life. … Continue reading This Is What Entrepreneurship Looks Like in 2013