The Resume Is Dead – Part 6

If we take personal branding to its logical conclusion, we are not sharing our experiences and chronology, as would a normal resume / CV or an online app visualization.

No, the end-game for personal branding is an individual narrative that says, nay SCREAMS, “This is who I am!

It takes balls to show up like that. Moreover, many confuse this real authenticity – naked, bold, unadulterated – with megalomania – self-obsession, meMeME. That’s ok. Let them. They are not the people you are reaching out to in an effort to build your community. You are seeking the curious. The curious will inherit the world, that’s a certainty.BrandBoard-generic

At TMWK, we take this deeper approach via our BrandBoards. I am sure there are many other ways to so do. Having a blog is one.

The resume is dead – long live the <insert your tool of choice here, but whatever it is, do it soon, and keep it F.R.E.S.H.>!

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