“Everybody” Is The New “High Potential”

Once, many, many years ago, aged 13 or so, I was called out as High Potential (Hi-Po) at my local school. I was put in some kind of brainiac class and given challenging mental gymnastics to solve. I am not sure for what end the class was conceived. I remember enjoying it, but probably its main outcome was that I thought I was more special than I was. It took a few years for the arrogance to wear off – when I flunked my A level exams aged 18 and, instead of going to Cambridge to prepare myself for running … Continue reading “Everybody” Is The New “High Potential”

Sponsor Disruption 1: Model

So, we are looking at the Future of Work, heavily disrupted, perhaps, from our experience of yesterday. In the last post, I listed five requirements for sponsoring disruption so you can, at least, surf the enterprise social tsunami to safety:  <Model> <Upskill> <Bulk-Up> <Polemicize> <Show Up>. Today, let’s discuss Model. The social enterprise is personal, flat, equalized. It does not run by diktat, but through cooperation and collaboration. Therefore, you cannot impose social and expect it to work. Flip through any social business report and you will see very average deployment success rates <return in future post on the need to … Continue reading Sponsor Disruption 1: Model

The Future Of Work: Sponsor Disruption

The last reflection on the Deloitte report on Human Capital Trends 2013. Disruption “Today, disruptive innovation is the rule, not the exception… Leadership styles that worked well in the past simply aren’t good enough to cope with this dynamic environment.” Disruption may occur in your industry and your product / business model may crumble in front of your very eyes. But for me, more prescient is the disruption that social technology brings to the workplace experience of individuals and teams; and the career arc of those individuals. In other words, I am not so interested in business turnarounds. My interest is in people turnarounds, because … Continue reading The Future Of Work: Sponsor Disruption