Brand Thinking

The usual awesomesauce from @brainpickings – this time in reviewing Debiie Millman’s Brand Thinking. And, at TMWK, we do think about brand. We think brand is about defining how your particular genius: “This is why you need me” in the context of your employer conversation; “This is how I am my best” in relation to anyone understanding you better. As the article breaks down, there is much tension in the discussion of “brand” meaning. I do not disagree. Professionally, it is a term that, when injected into conversation, will equally have people leaning in and openly grimacing. As individuals (versus … Continue reading Brand Thinking

“Media” Is The New “Brand”

Just as Share is the new Save, Media is the new Brand. We have knowledge oozing from every organizational orifice. Switching from save to share creates myriad new opportunities for innovation, project breakthroughs, leverage. Internally, we are more interconnected, friendly, collaborative. Externally? Well, when we share our genius, we are reframing our corporate brand – away from our product toward our special sauce, our very fabric. Our brand moves from monolithic logo and product uniformity / ubiquity to our intertwined narratives, personal stories, our humanity. Social brands are the ones that are making waves, the ones that go viral. David … Continue reading “Media” Is The New “Brand”