Dis!Organize Ep. 72: Echo Chamber.

In the last episode I talked about insight and its unpredictability and disorganizing effect. 

This is not a flaw but its built-in advantage. Insight takes us outside our bubble of orthodoxy; we escape our own echo chamber.

Can we manufacture insight? Perhaps. 

Brian Christian, in his book The Most Human Human suggests: we gain the most insight on a question when we take it to the friend, colleague, or mentor of whose reaction and response we are least certain.

Escape the echo chamber where we already know the response. Cultivate a network of contrarian and disaggregated viewpoints.

Similarly, he says to gain the most insight into a person, we should ask the question of whose answer we’re least certain.

Insight requires intentionality. 

We are not wandering around chitchatting; we are muscling up in the battle of ideas. We are embracing uncertainty; ready and willing to disorganize.

This Much We Know.

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